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Window shade and blinds can completely enhance or destroy the core theme of the room. Choosing the right color, design, and measurements are very important for correct window treatment. We provide a wide range of window shade materials and designs. Before you place your final order, you can order our free samples of all the material to ensure the quality and the type of material you are ordering. A small change in the measurement can totally destroy the purpose and the design of the window blinds. Imagine getting a 1inch wider or smaller window shade or blinds for your room can be complete disaster i.e. wastage of money, human effort and time also. Here is a complete guide to how to measure windows for blinds.

Measuring your window is the first step to identify whether an inside mount or outside mount would be best for your windows. Inside mount goes inside your window frame to create a flush look. And an outside mount extends beyond the window frame, and make a small window appear bigger.

Inside Mount

First, make sure that the window frame in deep enough for an inside mount measure. Measure with the metal tape measure from the wall to the glass. A two-inch depth is typically considered standard for an inside mount. In case your window measures are less than two inches then you need to select an outside mount. As you measure for an inside mount, you also need to make sure that the corner of your window is square so the blinds or shades, hang correctly. Measure the inside mount diagonally and make sure that the difference is not over 1/2 inch. You will also need to measure the width of the inside mount, measure the width from three different positions i.e. top, middle and bottom.  After measuring select the least measure of all. After measuring the width, measure the height of the inside mount. Same goes with the height, measure it from three different positions i.e. left middle right and then select the maximum.

Outside Mount

Start by determining exactly where you want the window covering to be. Then measure the width for the blind. Keeping in mind that the width at both ends of the window should be 1 and 1/2 inch larger than the actual size of the window so that the propose of blocking the sunlight and maintaining the privacy of the room can be served. Now measure the height of the window blind from the window headrail to the window sill. If you don’t have a window sill, measure till you want your blinds to be dropped.

if things aren’t clear yet make sure to check out the complete and thorough guide on how to measure windows for blinds.